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Business License

Thank you for choosing the City of Riceboro for your business location. To operate a business in our community, you will need to coordinate with the Liberty Consolidated Planning Commission and the City of Riceboro. Below is contact information for these offices and instructions on needed documentation.

Step 1: Review the Business License Application

Business License Application

After completing the Business License Application, please print out the application and bring or mail to City Hall, 4614 S. Coastal Highway. If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact Riceboro City Hall staff for assistance.

City Clerk
(912) 884-2986


Step 2: Obtain Zoning Approval

Contact the Liberty Consolidated Planning Commission and the Liberty County Building & Licensing Office for zoning approval.

Liberty Consolidated Planning Commission
(912) 408-2030

Contact LCPC

Liberty County Building and Licensing Office

Contact Liberty County

Step 3: Obtain a business license from City of Riceboro

Step 4: Open for business!