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The Riceboro community is unique because of its rich history and connections to the Gullah Geechee culture. Closely tied to the history and culture of the community is the African American church. The following historical churches serve as spiritual, social, and civic beacons of light in our community,

First African Baptist Church

1709 Barrington Ferry Rd, Riceboro, GA 31323

The First African Missionary Baptist Church, the oldest black church in Liberty County, has its origins in the North Newport Baptist Church, founded in 1809.

In 1861, the black members formed their own church organization and the first black pastor was the Reverend Charles Thin. On July 20, 1878 the North Newport Church sold the building to A. M. McIver for $225 for use by the First African Baptist Church.

First Zion Baptist Church

1642 Barrington Ferry Road Riceboro, GA 31323

The First Zion Baptist Church, originally known as Zion Baptist Church, was organized in 1870, under the leadership of the Reverend U. L. Houston. To begin this place of worship, the first members and officers, with mutual consent and goodwill of all concerned, separated themselves from the First African Baptist Church of the Cross Roads community. The churches continue to work together to serve the Riceboro community.

Historic Praise House

Retreat Road

The Historic Praise House was built in the 1700s and served as the gathering place for slaves living on the Leconte Woodmanston Plantation. Even after slavery ended, the praise house remained a key connection for people in the community. The praise house currently serves as Watch Night Hall on New Year's Eve to celebrate this special African American tradition.