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Community Development

Instead of focusing on only one item, the strategy for successful growth will be through multiple approaches. Communities have long relied on one "silver bullet" to save the day – a new civic center, shopping mall, or industrial park. However, when looking at community development, the "shotgun" analogy is more appropriate. Hitting multiple, smaller targets brings greater overall results by reducing reliance on a single project. It also provides more flexibility as the community learns, grows, and adapts to market conditions and community priorities. Several community development initiatives are taking place to improve housing, entertainment, and overall quality of life in Riceboro. 

Blight Elimination

Getting rid of blighted properties promotes public safety, stabilizes property values, and enhances local economic development opportunities. An investment in blight elimination is an investment in the future of Riceboro and Liberty County, GA.

Blight Elimination Program

Affordable Housing

If you are looking to purchase a new home, the City of Riceboro has a special development project, called Chatman Homes, that may provide funding.

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Public Transportation

More information about public transportation programs within the City of Riceboro will be shared soon.

Mayor Stacy

Community Development Liaison

Debra Attical

Grants Writer
Special Projects Coordinator
Community Development Liaison